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Adam Hernandez was born and raised in the Bronx to a family of musicians and performers. As a kid, the graffiti covering every surface of his city spoke to him.  Hernandez is self taught. He has exhibited in several cities across the US and has been published multiple times. His characters exist in the  Land Of Thunderbirds, a mythical world he created to tell the stories of heroes and gods. Throughout his career Hernandez has also found inspiration in Pablo Picasso, Egon Scheille, and Francis Picabia, as well as the Abstract Expressionist Movement, the Lowbrow Art Movement, and comic books. Hernandez currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Artist Statement

My goal is to create work that speaks to the viewer through allegory and symbolism. My work is inspired by the folk art of Native North Americans as well as the hieroglyphics and carvings of the Maya and Aztec cultures. Graffiti also has a strong influence on my work.  I create work that is energetic, bright, and powerful. I aim to make it hard for the viewer to look away.  Through the strength of my imagery, I hope to convey messages of independence, personal growth, and transformation.  

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