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Cassidy lives and works out of her downtown studio in Columbus, Ohio.
She was born in 1985, OH USA.
Cassidy is a surrealist illustrator working with ink, mixed media and digital design.  

Her concerns are with rich-juicy colors, textures and surface qualities to create life-affirming visual meditations. 

Marietta plays with a spectrum of candy-colored pastels intermingled with ornate design.

Returning themes in her work include the position of women in modern society, sexuality and the role division between social normality, censorship and the rawness of human nature.


Artist Statement

Passion, morality, and doubts are starting points to create art. I use friction that arises from these emotions to tell narratives that do not fear prejudice or confrontation. 


The female body is a truth of our existence. It supports us and carries us through life. It is beautiful and organic, and the only physical vessel that we have. It should not be confined to idealism, censorship or judgment.

My piece for this show,"BECAUSE LOVE", will illustrate a dialog of human acceptance, body positivity, and self-love.


 We have to stop letting a skewed bias and unwarranted censorship keep us from the truth.

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