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Celeste Malvar-Stewart

IG = @malvarstewart

Artist Statement

MALVAR = STEWART  is a non-seasonal line of women’s clothing and accessories, using salvaged fine vintage fabrics, wool from local farmers, and local natural dyes that do not follow the standard fashion concept of “this season’s colour palette."  

We focus on unconventional design that is thoughtful towards our environment at every stage of the pieces’ life cycles, 
without compromising beauty, high quality, or integrity.

Every one-off piece is created with meticulous work in unique details and sound construction. Moreover, we practice 100% reuse of all textiles waste materials generated from construction, from pattern paper to remnant threads.

We welcome you to view our site and join us in the small effort of creating beauty while respecting our planet for future generations!


OUR MISSION is to promote a more conscious connection between people and the clothing we choose to wear, 
whether it is through design, uniqueness, hand labour behind the piece, or the local resources used to make it; 
thus, extending the lifetime and enjoyment of each beautiful garment or accessory.

Photo: Rachel Woodard
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