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Celia C. Peters is a producer, filmmaker, curator and visual artist creating compelling cinematic and visual narratives featuring intriguing and authentic characters. 


Artist Statement

I am a filmmaker and visual artist exploring the horizons of character-driven work that features an organic spectrum of rich stories that reflect the world around us. The foundation of my work lies in the psychology and emotional density of the human experience. I want to create art that challenges people's expectations, provokes thought, elicits emotion
and somehow leaves them more alive.

I primarily work in science fiction because I am deeply drawn to science and technology, and I’m enthralled with the possibilities that both hold. I’m also fascinated with what the strong possibility that intelligent life exists outside of Earth. Beyond that, because I love this genre, I am dedicated to creating stories that embrace the inclusion that is inherent to this country, and indeed to the world. My work reflects the reality of multicultural, multiracial and gender diverse characters. For me, this not only objectively realistic, but it is also natural.

I believe that creativity leads us along a path of evolution and I’m captivated by the way narratives, whether in film or visual art, create emotional experiences.  I want to engage the audience with a beguiling combination of imagery, character, story and concept. Recording visual images and sound is mystical for me because the act defies our notion of time itself: moments that no longer exist are forever preserved. Whether narrative, documentary or experimental, my motion picture work tends to emerge through the vehicle of character. Equally so, in creating visual art, I am also on a quest to evoke emotion through a visual narrative. Visual imagery is endlessly fascinating to me, because of its power to convey the commonality of the human experience. My goal as an artist is to grab onto what is universal amongst us and move forward through this human experience until I reach new horizons.

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