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Stephanie Rond is a Columbus based artist whose colorful and feminist work can be seen on walls, both inside and out. She is founder of the website Women Street Artists and owns S.Dot Gallery. An award-winning documentary has been created about her work. The film, Tiny Out Loud, studies Rond’s gender-gouging street art and dollhouse art gallery in a fun but evocative exploration of making gender roles smaller and the art world’s accessibility larger.  When she grows up, she’d like to be a crossword puzzle guru and a domestic cat herder. 


Artist Statement

I create artwork that on the surface tells a comfortable story using recognizable images. But the underlying message is of Ghost Girl. She is a character that engages in her environment as an active citizen, combating the typical objectification of women that we see in advertisements everywhere. My goal is to create work that serves as a springboard for meaningful conversation.

Photo: Meghan Ralston
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